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Missing some of the organizational users from FNMS Manager Suite

We have set up a business adapter that connects with Active Directory and loads data into FNMS. Recently we found that some users are missing from FNMS. I can see "those" users in the "Staging" table created by Adapter for AD Users in the FNMSCompliance database. But "those" users are missing from FNMS web application. What could be the reason for this? Also is it necessary that FNMS agent of that user's machine should report for the existence of user's record in FNMS?

Any help would be appriciated. Thanks!

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

One reason that records may not be created during a business import is because an invalid value is provided for a field - such as a NULL value being provided for a non-nullable required field.

To get some specific insight about what could be happening with your data, take a look in the import log and enable tracing of rejected records in the adapter.

Data from the FlexNet inventory agent is not required for user records to be created.

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