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FNMS Inventory - SQL Databases Inquiry

Does anyone happen to know if the built-in adapters has the capability to gather database information on hosts running Microsoft SQL?

Also, is there any value for enabling the "Microsoft SQL Server" Discovery and Inventory Action rule?

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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

What kind of database information are you looking to gather on hosts running Microsoft SQL Server? If you are looking for the SQL Server Edition information SCCM does not gather that by default. You would either need to install the FlexNet Inventory Agent on your SQL servers or alternatively if your organization has Tanium with the Asset module deployed with the Tanium client deployed to the SQL Servers that adapter will gather the SQL Edition information for ingestion into FNMS.


As for the Microsoft SQL Server rule, I have yet to find it valuable. I posted a question a while back essentially asking the same thing. Here is that thread --

I was hoping to gather the number of instances running on specific SQL hosts (I.E. Oracle Instances) and creating a report that provides that type of information to our team.

I'm assuming that functionality would not be there since Microsoft does not license based on the number of instances running on a host.

I see nobody replied to confirm the assumption above, but you're on the right track there: details such as the number of SQL Server instances running on a device are not imported by FlexNet Manager Suite. That information does not generally have licensing implications.

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