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ARL download failed, how does the backend work?

Dear Flexera community,We have a FNMS processing server and a FNMS web server. On the processing server we want to download the ARL and place it onto the web server. This fails, and according to the logs, it failed. The logs say:Failed to download AR...

bleepie by Level 6
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Solved Calculated User

Dear All,Please advise what is calculated user, this may be simple question but would like to understand more from experts.Thank You

ISMP Evidence Showing Up (when we don't use ISMP)?

Investigating a potential false positive on Apache log4j. The reported evidence type is ISMP (InstallShield Multiplatform) coming from the FlexNet Agent, as the only source reporting (we also co-run BMC Discovery on these servers). The odd thing abou...

sissonr by Level 5
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Solved FNMS2021 R1 Inventory with Rancher

Hello,I have containers using K8s and managed by rancher oss. I've learned that FNMS supports container scanning. But can FNMS2021 R1 On-premises inventory all containers by connecting with rancher (maybe via API, etc.,)?Thank you so much for your re...

Log4j File evidence not displaying

I only see log4j application evidence under installations and not under file. even though I know there is a file placed in the folder it's not picked by FNMS. is there any other way I can extract a report? Note: I have validated my selection Under di...

Change Operating System properties

Hello all,I've inventoried both Windows and UNIX devices. The OS of UNIX device is normal but Windows devices have this value "Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard|C:\Windows\Device\Harddisk\Partition1". And the service pack value is empty.How c...

FlexNet Manager for Oracle Question

Hi all,I want to know the reason why the result from GLAS_FMW_Results was different with the information detecting Weblogic installed on Server.The GLAS_FMW_Results show more server than the number of Web Logic detected server in the installed applic...

Agent Performance Statistics

Hi All, Reaching out to see if any have captured Statistics related to Flexera Agent Performance on Multiple Platforms (Windows and Non Windows) Like (CPU utilization, Network Load, Scan time, Upload time, File Size etc ). Note: Have referred the Fle...