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Three products require licenses checks! Visio, Project, and WebSphere Application Server (Network Deplyement edition)

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Dear Flexera users,

You may have seen two Flexera content blogs recently (and also some forum posts) about changes in ARL that require an action on your licenses.

First, on Visio and Project, some versions name changes, followed by the creation of two new Visio for 365 and Project For 365 products have resulted in some licenses (linked to Visio 2016 or Visio 2019) being unlinked from all applications. As a result, the licenses consume 0, may have an alert (but not always), and need to be re-linked to the applications and upgrade and downgrade rights need to be re-applied. You can create a report that starts to the licenses, includes the "Application (number)' attribute. You will quickly see which licenses are not linked to any applications (for Visio or Project, but you could check other misconfigurations). The change announcement and massages associated can be found on:

WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Application Server for Network Deployment will from this evening no longer be linked to the same product, to allow some more accurate VPC and PVU calculations.

You need to fix all licenses linked to WAS ND, as they will still be be linked to one version of the new product, but will not include the downgrade or upgrade rights. The explanation on how to fix the licenses are in this content blog annoucement:

To find quickly which licenses you should fix, you can open the "All Application Screen", filter on the new WebSphere Application Network Deployment product, filter on "Licensed", and from the "Licenses" tab, open the license details to apply the fix in the use & right sections (editing the Product row and applying "downgrade to all versions and "upgrade until" consistently to the WAS product.

Thanks for you action.



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