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Did we get the hierarchy for Cloud (Azure and AWS) devices like VMWare


Do we have any option for getting the devices info hierarchy for Cloud (Azure and AWS) devices like VMware.

Cluster-> Host-> VMWare


Sreerama Yenuga

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@kclausen  and @Chris G,

Could you please any help from your side.


Sreerama Yenuga.

@sreeramyenuga - Could you please provide your Use Case as to why you want this information?  In general, servers instances in Cloud Providers like Amazon and Azure have no "host" information available.  The license rules from publishers such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle calculate license consumption in the Cloud based on the number of virtual processors/cores on the individual server instance.  And for Azure and AWS, VMware is not used (behind the scene).  Azure uses Hyper-V and AWS uses Xen Server.

Hi Kclausen,

As we are seeing in VMWare like Cluster-> Host-> VMWare.

can we see under resource group which VM's are allocated.

Resource Group -> VM's


Sreerama Yenuga


Azure Resource Groups are not captured as this information is not needed for Software Licensing.

If you go to the Cloud Service Provider Inventory view, or the Cloud Hosting tab of an Inventory Device hosted in AWS or Azure, you can see the attributes that are captured from the built-in Azure and AWS Inventory Connectors on the Beacon.

If you feel that this information would be helpful to you, please raise this request on the Ideas portal.