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Quick question - we have some devices that are producing 2 scan files every day - one has just hardware information, the other file has full inventory data.

Any ideas?



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The hardware-only NDI files would be for the frequent hardware scanning required by IBM for capturing PVU sub-capacity calculations when Flexera is used as a replacement for ILMT.

Thanks for the update - would there just be one file generated for the sub-cap calculations per day?

@Smitty986 - That depends on the Inventory Settings you have made within your FNMS/ITAM Inventory Settings page, but the schedule for frequent scanning for IBM is set from every 30 minutes, up to every 2 hours.

Currently set at 30 mins.

Inventory NDI files from the high-frequency scan to support IBM sub-capacity calculations are only generated and uploaded if the agent detects a change in a "hardware" property.

The following agent preference provides some control to exclude selected classes & properties from triggering an NDI file to be generated: HardwareChangesClassPropertyBlacklist

There are a range of known issues related to this, where common but generally irrelevant hardware changes trigger these NDI files to be generated. See:

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