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Solved IBM VPC Ratio (decimal)

Hi,  I have a question regarding the IBM VPC metric in FNMS. Knowing the ratio on some VPC licenses (e.g., non production having a ratio of 1:2.5) it would be nice to be able to put a decimal behind the number. Could this be fixed so we can show the ...

Solved Linux domain source

Hi,Quick question - on my Wintel devices .ndi file I can see (in WMI evidence) I can see the Domain IDIs there a corresponding field in the Linux .ndi file?Thanks

Solved On Unix like devices the domain keeps empty

Hello, On UNIX servers like LINUX-RedHat we find many times that the FNMS agent returns a empty domain or sometimes even a wrong domain. The solution given by Flexera is to set domain in the config.ini. This would involve a lot work to do this on eac...

FrankvH by Level 6
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Solved Domain name in Inventory

Hello,I inventory a UNIX machine (Ubuntu 20.04) by 2 methods:- FlexNet Inventory Scanner returns correct domain name- Agent 3rd deployment returns no domain nameWhy does this happen? And is there any way to make Agent 3rd deployment get the domain (e...

FNMEA port 51219, 51220

Anyone know if FNMEA 2021 R1 would be using ports 51219 and/or 51220? Network scanning tool is picking up ssl3 traffic over those ports and FNMEA is the only thing running on that machine.

ATD_IT by Level 3
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Asset Status change from active to Dummy

If you look at the Assets without Inventory report and open the history of one of the devices it shows Asset Status change from Active to Dummy, but the actual asset status still shows Installed. TO my understand if a device is no longer available on...

FrediG by Level 4
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