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Inventory Device Properties for 'Thread' and 'Hyper Thread'

Hello All, 

We need to get the 'Hyper Thread' from inventory device property from Flexera agent. 

There is an attribute named 'Thread'. Are they same thing? If not, is there anyway we can get the 'Hyper Thread' from the agent? 


Thanks a lot. 

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Community Manager

Here's is a description of the Threads property on inventory device records (as per the page at😞

This value is:
  • For a physical inventory device, the total number of threads available across all processor cores
  • For a virtual inventory device, the number of threads or logical processors (virtual processors) assigned to the device
  • For an inventory device record representing Oracle Database running in Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), the CPU count returned by Oracle in inventory.

Hopefully this information allows you to compare against the specific definition of the data that you're looking for.

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The term 'HyperThreading' means that the operating system can address more than one virtual (logical) core for each physical core in a processor.

In other words: With 'HyperThreading', the number of threads becomes greater than the number of cores.

Basically, you have to compare the number of cores with the number of threads reported by your Inventory system for the same device.

  • If the number of threads is higher than the number of cores, HyperThreading is enabled (very common for server hardware these days)
  • If numbers are equal, HyperThreading is not enabled

There are also some processors simply not supporting simultaneous multithreading (SMT).