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Disabling the status dependency between asset and inventory

Hi all,
in a customer's system, we use  the "Hardware Assets" area intensively. The starting point for determining the magic "100%" is a CMDB whose entries are mapped in the All Assets area and, if possible, linked to inventories that are gathered by various data sources. This creates a kind of dependency in FNMS between the asset object and the associated inventory. Specifically, I would like to discuss the status of the asset.
As known and documented, a linked inventory is automatically set to Ignored if the associated asset has the status 'Disposed' or 'Retired'. We would like to remove this dependency.
Therefore the following questions.

1. is it possible to disable this status dependency on DB level (maybe ComplianceSetting or so)?
2. can I define for Custom Asset Status (e.g. Decommissioned) which inventory status should be derived from it?

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

The answer to both questions is that functional changes would need to be implemented in FlexNet Manager Suite to be able to do these things. The link between the asset and inventory device status is quite firm, and can't be changed through configuration.

You may with to submit ideas in the Flexera Ideas area if you think these capabilities would be generally of sufficient interest to get people voting for them.

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Hi Chris,
thank you for the feedback.
The only way I see is to disable the trigger "AssetUpdateComplianceComputerStatusWhenAssetStatusChanges" on the Asset_MT to disable synchronization.
I have created the Idea. Feel free to vote 🙂