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How To Invoke An AppPortal API With Powershell

Summary Api's such as those found at: http:///esd/api.asmx can be executed from Powershell. Synopsis This article discusses how to invoke an AppPortal API with Powershell. Discussion Api's such as those found at: http://<AppPortal Server>/esd/api.asm...

ayung_2831 by Level 6 Flexeran
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Special characters in category name

If a category name has special characters such as "/", ",", App Portal splits the category name with these special characters so unexpected extra category will be created. As a workaround: 1. please don't use special characters while creating a cate...

Reassign Approvals

Symptoms: When user A reassigns a approval task for a certain request to another user B, user A may do not get any notification whether it's successful or if there's an error. However, when user A refreshes the page and checks the request, the appro...

Find Cost of Catalog

There are 3 different ways to get the cost in App Portal. Catalog Cost -> The cost is updated in wd_webpackages table.Inventory group Cost (SCCM "legacy" Inventory)-> The cost is calculated from WD_License table (This is the cost get saved once you ...

InventoryCost.png CurrencyCost.png

Requests pending number difference between "List of Approvers with Number of Requests Pending" and the "Approve/Reject" tab

Customers may observers different pending number in the classic SQL report for List of Approvers with Number of Requests Pending and in the Approve/Reject tab. The Approve/Reject tab is the right place to check the number of requests currently pendi...

App Portal doesn't support AD LDAPs

In March 2020, Microsoft is going to release a update which will essentially disable the use of unsigned LDAP which will be the default. This means that you can no longer use bindings or services which binds to domain controllers over unsigned ldap ...

Kevin_Hou by Flexera Alumni
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App Portal / App Broker Feature Matrix

See the PDF in the Attachments section below for a feature matrix of App Portal / App Broker. The matrix lists features and the deployment technologies and ITSM systems that those features support. To view release notes, see the following: App Porta...

GregBirk by Technical Writer
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Error 500.19 when Accessing the App Portal Site

Summary When attempting to access the App Portal Site, HTTP Error 500.19 is encountered Symptoms When attempting to access the App Portal Site, the following error may be displayed in the browser: Cause The Windows Authentication section is locked fo...

saleman by Level 6
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