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There are 3 different ways to get the cost in App Portal.

  • Catalog Cost -> The cost is updated in wd_webpackages table.
  • Inventory group Cost (SCCM "legacy" Inventory)-> The cost is calculated from WD_License table (This is the cost get saved once you create the inventory – Compliance Management -> Add Inventory)
  • Manually override the cost based on localization- currency settings (WD_Package_Cost)


The calculate/get the cost based on the Admin Settings. (AppPortal -> Settings -> CatalogManagement -> Open catalog Properties -> General -> Inventory tab -> "Use the cost of the inventory group".)

Please see the below screenshot:


You can execute the below query to get the cost data:

       WP.UseInventoryCost ,
       (Case WP.UseInventoryCost  WHEN 0 THEN ISNULL(WP.CatalogCost, 0)  ELSE ISNULL(l.LicenseCost, 0)  END) AS LicenseCost
FROM WD_WebPackages wp 
       INNER JOIN  WD_License l ON wp.LicenseID_FK = l.LicenseID

Further to the above query, the cost gets updated based on Currency as well (get calculated based on currency settings and the above query result), as well as there is a way to manually override the cost based on country too (WD_Package_Cost). See the below screenshot:


Note: If FNMS is configured in App Broker, the SCCM inventory Group option won't available in the catalog properties on UI. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a "legacy" App Portal license in order to configure SCCM inventory.

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