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Information related to the required ServiceNow roles and permissions for a successful integration


In order for the App Broker and ServiceNow integration to succeed the ServiceNow User Account being used for the integration is required to have certain roles.

Additionally, in order to provide the ability for end users in ServiceNow to request a catalog item imported from App Broker a specific role is required as well.


Roles Required for Creating a ServiceNow Integration User:
These are the minimum roles that are required for the ServiceNow User Account that will be used for the integration.

  • x_fls_appportal.user
  • catalog_admin
  • mid_server
  • web_service_admin
  • pa_admin
  • import_transformer
  • itil

Roles Required for ServiceNow Users:
The below role is required in order for ServiceNow users to have the ability to request imported catalog items.

  • x_fls_appportal.user


Additional Information

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