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Scheduling a Data Sync Multiple Times During the Day

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By default, App Broker will only sync users, computers, and relationships a single time during a given day. Until this information is synced into the App Broker DB, newly created users and computers will not be available as targets for software requ...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

ESD Service Stops Unexpectedly

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Symptoms: The App Portal customer may notice their ESDService has stopped unexpectedly. Diagnosis: For any issues where the ESD Service stops unexpectedly, looking at the event viewer log will typically provide a reason.. The following events may...
by Kevin_Hou Flexera Alumni

The extra 'Accept' button in the Approve/Reject tab

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Customers may observe an extra unnecessary Accept button in the customer's App/Reject Tab. It appears on the top level and also when clicking into individual requests. But the Accept button does not seem to be in the Admin guide. See the below image...
by Flexera fnishikado Flexera