Alternative way to configure "alternate approvers" in App Portal

Alternative way to configure "alternate approvers" in App Portal


This KB article will provide an alternative to meet the scenario from the customer who is requesting that App Portal provide functionality which will allow the administrator to set/unset alternate approvers, and also out of office.


Currently, this can only be done by the user via modifying the DB is not practical. Because the approvers and alternate approvers are referenced using GUIDs, which makes the table difficult to read. There is no way to configure "alternate approver" from current product UI. (2020 or older).


There is an existing Enhancement ticket to address in future release - IOJ-1930284.  

There is an internal utility in the attachment session. The tool is non-official supported but can be used to configure the Alternate Approver via API call.

Please download from attachment session.

The steps to use the tool is to extract the zip file to the web/WS folder in App Portal.. Next, hit the following page in a browser:


This web service has three functions:


GetAlternateApproverMappings() displays a list of all user who have alternate approvers defined, and also the out of office status.. This list is also logged to AlternateApprovers.log.

SetAlternateApprover() allows you to specify the uniqueName for an approver,, the uniqueName for the alternate approver, and also weather or not the approver is out of office.. For example, the input parameters would be similar to the following:


The third function allows you to unset the alternateApprover for the specified unique approver name.



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Hi Kevin, does this work for App Portal 2019 R1?

is it only available to admins?


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