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A binding table can get corrupt due to multiple reasons which will result in empty details in the completed scans and All hosts smart groups. You may have to truncate the table and scan your machines one again to repopulate the data. This article provides guidance on the correct steps. 


All Completed scan results show (-) empty statistics under System score, Insecure, End of Life, Patched and Total Programs. The "All Hosts" smart group will also show empty statistics, therefore. As a result of this, the dashboard will not generate statistics for certain dashboard elements either. 


This is a result of a database table corruption.
The table "csi_device_software_binding" can get corrupted due to several reasons.

1. The hard disk on either the web server or the database server is full.
2. Temp directory doesn't have enough space to store temporary data.
3. Web Server can't keep up with the scan submitted by the agents.
4. There are not enough resources available to process the scan results.


1. Enter MySQL and provide your password (or simply press Enter if "root" has no configured password)

MySQL -u root -p

2. Find your CST_ID (look at the ca_xxxxx database where the xxxx is the CST_ID)

show databases;

In the database ca_xxxxxx, truncate the csi_device_software_binding table. 

truncate ca_xxxxxx.csi_device_software_binding;

After this is done, new scans will show up under Completed Scans in the Software Vulnerability Manager interface because the table bindings are recreated when the scan results are submitted.

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