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You are getting a message 'your account is currently being upgraded.' when logging-in to your account


This usually happens with the 'private database' of the server (the user database) has not been populated with all tables needed to run the Software Vulnerability Manager software.

In a lot of cases what one will find when they explore the database is that there are no tables present. The 'private database' is the one named with the following formatting: ca_<customer_id> where the value in the <> is the customer identification number assigned to your server.


The problem may be is caused by missing permissions that are necessary for the initial schema creation process. This part is completed when one runs through the script located in the /usr/local/Secunia/csi/install/ directory of the application server. It can also happen when an upgrade attempt fails and leaves the SVM in a "still upgrading" locked state.


Make sure you have set up access for your database user correctly, especially if you are setting up remote access. It's usually easiest to utilize the 'root' user for MySQL/MariaDB as for a local install this does not require any permissions changes and for a two server install you simply need to create a record allowing remote access. Here is an example of enabling root for proper access (to MySQL/MariaDB):

> grant all privileges on *.* to 'root'@'hostname' identified by password 'password' with grant option;

> flush privileges;

You may need to create records for both the short name and fully qualified name in some cases. Additionally, you can also grant remote access to all hosts by using a wild card. Though depending on your organization this may not be seen as a best practice for security reasons.

> grant all privileges on *.* to 'root'@'%' identified by password 'password' with grant option;

> flush privileges;

If it's not a permissions issue, check the 'ca' database:

select '*' from ca.csi_pdb_info;

Check the patch level. If the patch level is not current, then you will need to run the upgrade manually. Once the version is on the current patch level, you can make sure that the DB is now unlocked.

When it is not, then you will see the cust_id and if the account has the "Locked" value set to 1.
This means that the Software Vulnerability Manager server is still in upgrade mode:

> update ca.csi_pdb_info set locked = '0' where locked = '1';

This will unlock CSI. Now, reset the MySQL (or mariadb) service and you should be able to log in.

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