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Error 27504 SQL version requirements not met. This installation requires Microsoft SQL Server 11.00.x or later

0 1 2571
SummaryRuntime error 27504 related to the CU7 and later (CU8) Microsoft updates applied to SQL serverSymptomsRuntime error when invoking custom action with entrypoint: ISSQLQueryDatabases:Error 27504 SQL version requirements not met <Server Name\inst...
by GeorgeK Flexera Alumni

HOTFIX: Install Fails With Error 1001 When a .NET Installer Class Component is Present in InstallShield 2015 SP1

0 1 3191
SummaryWhen an install containing a .NET installer class component is built on a machine with a certain version of.NET 4.6, the resulting install fails with error 1001.SymptomsWhen an install containing a .NET installer class component is built on a ...
by Level 4 Flexeran Jellou Level 4 Flexeran

Windows Update KB3072630 causes Registry permission changes to HKCU to fail

0 0 2020
SummaryA hotfix is available: Windows update KB3072630 changed the way that custom actions in system context are allowed to interact with HKCU in order to resolve a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows:
by nbikos Level 5

Properties Contained in MsiHiddenProperties have Their Value Written to the Log When Installation Includes a Feature Prerequisite

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SummaryProperties contained in MsiHiddenProperties have their value written to the log when installation includes a Feature PrerequisiteSymptomsWhen including a feature prerequisite that contains a password, the value gets written to the install log ...
by Level 7 Flexeran NameTooShort Level 7 Flexeran