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free(): invalid pointer error with FlexLM calling dlopen

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Dear all,I develop a Flex-enabled application which used to run perfectly at my client's site, until a few days ago.For some reasons, the application now crashes during FlexLM calls.I use FlexLM, on RedHat 6.My client runs the application o...
by janahan Pilgrim

lmadmin installer for end-user customers

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The FlexNet Publisher 2019 R1 Development Environment Guide says on page 159The simplest method of providing an lmadmin installer is to have end users download and run the appropriate lmadmin installer from the FlexNet Publisher website.Where is the ...
by sidney Flexera beginner

Invalid license key error when specifying key and SIGN2

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Hi,We used to generate license file with below syntax.VENDOR FINLEINCREMENT Ace_lite FINLE 2.7 30-dec-2019 4 A788EBFC8476 DUP_GROUP=UHD \NOTICE="DEMO Internal" SIGN="00B1 4EB4 F5D6 3CAB FE3D 04F9 \2A0E 5801 49FA 4D14 F403 6DC0 A21B 3753 20D4 2A82 075...
by vinoth_kumar Flexera beginner

Error returning license

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I have 2 Flexnet Publisher license servers.One with a Standalone Build Concurrent Licence installed.The other one with a Installshield 2014 Premier Concurrent license installed.I want to group all the licenses on the first Flexnet server because the ...
by oaimond Flexera beginner

FlexNet Publisher Knowledge

Query dongle driver version installed

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Question: How can we fetch the version of dongle driver version, installed on the local system? Answer: For HASP: - hasplms -vhasplms version the package shown in here:haspdinst.exe -info For WIBU: - Query the registry location "Co...
by Flexera aparashar1 Flexera


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Question: What FLEXLM_BORROWFILE environment variable is and how can it be used? Answer: FLEXLM_BORROWFILE is an environment variable, which if set, the path/file set under it is considered as the location to save the borrow cache for Flexnet Publ...
by Flexera aparashar1 Flexera