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Can you have 2 feature count for 1 product?

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Hi,I have a product with 2 features: Feature A and Feature B,I want to be able to create an entitlement each time with a different count for Feature A and Feature B -(Sometimes Feature A will be with a larger count and sometimes Feature B will be wit...
by idan37s Pilgrim

FlcLicensingCreate crashing on windows 10

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Hi ,We are using Flexnet Embedded 2017 R2 for our product. Initially the toolkit was built using VS2010 on windows 7.Recently we migrated the client using VS2017 on windows 10.After migration the API FlcLicensingCreate seems to be failing and crashin...
by Sambareen Pilgrim

Capability Reqests authorization

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As I understand it, you can give a user an "entitlement key" to be sent as part of a capability request. Such a key would have been generated previously by the back-end server and distributed to qualified customers, and then used in validating the c...
by snidelyflex Pilgrim

FlexNet Embedded Knowledge

Releasing series of Acquired licenses

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SummaryHow do you return acquired license with Feature information and not just the last acquired license?QuestionWe're using FNE 2018 R1 and wants to release/ return a few selected node-locked licenses. Currently, for node-locked licenses, we are ab...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Activation ID from TS for returning licenses

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QuestionHow to get the activation ID from TS or by other means such that user of producer's software does not need to provide the activation id when they wish to return the license?Answer1. If you include the activation ID in the license model with t...
by Flexera mmanna Flexera