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Support Maintenance Plans

Support Maintenance Plans

In addition to the award-winning resources of our support web site, Revenera offers a number of maintenance plans that are fine-tuned to meet your specific needs. Each maintenance plan is per licensed user and allows you to submit unlimited support requests for the duration of your plan.

Maintenance Plans are only available for current products and can only be purchased as part of a bundle with a current Revenera product. If you own a previous version of a Revenera product, these bundles are also available at special upgrade pricing. At this time, new Maintenance Plans cannot be purchased separately.

Supported Products

The following products are supported:

Supported Products
FlexNet Operations, FlexNet Embedded, FlexNet Publisher
InstallShield, InstallAnywhere
Code Insight, SBOM Insights

For Maintenance Renewals, please contact your Renewals Account Representative or preferred Revenera reseller, or renew online.

Yearly Maintenance Plans

This section details what is included in the Gold and Silver yearly maintenance plans.

The Yearly Maintenance Plans include: Gold * Silver
Unlimited telephone support requests
Access to priority support channels for quickest service  
Priority involvement in Beta Programs  
Automatic notification of and access to all product updates (free) and upgrades (chargeable for non-Maintenance-Plan-holders) for 12 months
A Maintenance Plan Card detailing all benefits and plan specifics
24 x 7 access to Knowledge Base
24 x 7 access to product Web Communities
Sample Code, Sample Projects, and White Papers
Technical Webinars / Online Product Demonstrations
Unlimited Web-based requests using eService
Hours of operations View Chart for Details Per Support Center**
Initial Response Time Per Severity Chart Below 16 Business Hours

* Not available for the InstallShield Express Edition

** Revenera will provide technical support via telephone Monday through Friday, during the office hours from the support center closest to Licensee (except on those days designated as Revenera holidays).

Lock in your upgrade pricing today and receive all new releases for a full year. If your responsibilities change, the plan is transferable to another member of your organization (call for details). Buy the smart, convenient way - with a Maintenance Plan!

Response Time

The following tables list the response times for Cloud and On Premise products for the Gold and Silver plans.

Cloud Products

Severity Gold Plan - Initial Response Time Silver Plan - Initial Response Time
Critical 30 minutes 16 business hours
High 2 business hours
Medium 4 business hours
Low 8 business hours

On-Premise Products

Severity Gold Plan - Initial Response Time Silver Plan - Initial Response Time
Critical 4 business hours 16 business hours
High 4 business hours
Medium 8 business hours
Low 16 business hours

Severity Criteria

There are 4 severity levels used to classify a case: 

  • Severity 1 - Critical: Production use of the software is stopped or so severely impacted that authorized end users cannot reasonably use it.
  • Severity 2 - High: Use of the software can continue; however, productivity is significantly decreased.
  • Severity 3 - Medium: Major software documented features are unavailable, but a workaround is available, or less significant software documented features are unavailable with no reasonable workaround.
  • Severity 4 - Low: An issue that involves an inquiry regarding a routine technical issue; information requested on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration.

Hours of Operation (Gold Plan Only)

Products Hours of Operations
FlexNet Operations, FlexNet Embedded, FlexNet Publisher 24x5
InstallShield, InstallAnywhere, AdminStudio, and Single License Products Priority Queing on
Designated Time Zone
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