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Where do I download my welcome kit from?

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SummaryAt times there may be a requirement to download the welcome kit which information on the maintenance level you have purchasedQuestionWhere do I download my welcome kit from?AnswerThe welcome kit links are available after you have logged into t...
by cingham Wanderer

Determining Which Installation Project Type Is Right for You

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SummaryThis article will help you determine which of the three projects types should be used to meet your installation needs.QuestionInstallShield enables you to create different types of projects, but for the beginner there is just one significant c...
by Flexera tjohnson1 Flexera

How do you Remove Installshield Branding from the Dialogs?

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SummaryHow do you Remove Installshield Branding from the Dialogs?QuestionHow do you remove InstallShield branding from the dialogs?AnswerThe removal of InstallShield branding is not supported by Flexera Software. Information regarding this can be fou...
by Flexera shunt Flexera

PowerShell Trace-info Cmdlet Does Not Write To Log

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SummaryThis article explains why the PowerShell trace-info cmdlet does not write to the log when the action is called from a DoAction ControlEvent.QuestionWhy does the trace-info cmdlet fail to write to the Windows Installer log file when a PowerShel...
by Flexera tmullin Flexera

How to download InstallShield Redistributables

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SummaryHow to download InstallShield RedistributablesQuestionHow can I download the latest InstallShield redistributables? [Note: Updated as of InstallShield 2012 Spring]AnswerMsi Objects: Download Msi Prerequisites: Download Msi .NET Prerequ...
by acurry Flexera Alumni (Retired)

What are Dependencies?

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SummaryThis article discusses what are dependencies and why they are neededQuestionWhat are dependencies, and why do I need them?AnswerA dependency is a file that is necessary for a file to load and run properly. There are several tools available to ...
by acurry Flexera Alumni (Retired)