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Print Button on Slate Skinned License Dialog is Not Aligned Properly

Print Button on Slate Skinned License Dialog is Not Aligned Properly


Information on alignment problem with print button on Slate skinned dialog and how to workaround this issue


If you are using skinned dialog with your InstallScript or InstallScript MSI installation, specifically Slate, there is an alignment problem with the 'Print' button in the SdLicenseEx(RTF) dialog.


The button location on skinned dialogs is not determined by the location of a given push button control on the dialog resource itself, instead the location is determined in the skin file itself. So the root issue is that the button alignment in the slate skin file is off.
The Knowledge Base article Reposition or Resize Buttons on a Skinned Dialog goes into more details about how you can modify and reposition skin buttons in the skin.ini file.


For now the only option to workaround this is to extract the Slate skin file using the Skin Customization Kit, update the skin.ini and then rebuild the skin. If you want to know how to do this, you can do the following...

* First download and install the Skin Customization Kit

* Locate the '' file under (For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2015\Skins) and make a copy of it.

* Run the following example command to extract the source files for the Slate skin...

"C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2015\Skin Customization Kit\Bin\CreateSkinFile.exe" -extract "C:\<FOLDER PATH>\" "C:\<FOLDER_PATH>\NewSlate"

* Once you have extracted the source files, open the 'skin.ini' file and look for the dialog sections for the SdLicense dialogs (...should be four of them). You will see at the end, that there is a 'BUTTON6POS' value. Change it from 395 to 380 like so...


* Now if you have a photo editing tool (..something like Adobe Photoshop or a freeware equivalent) you will want to edit the 'Console.gif' file and basically erase the InstallShield imagery from the dialog ( other words clone an area without the InstallShield text and cover over it). The reason for this is because when you perform the next step, the Skin Customization Kit will add an InstallShield watermark to the skin, so with the InstallShield watermark and the InstallShield imagery on the skin, it overlaps and does not look good.

* Finally you can create the updated Slate skin file by running the following example command...

"C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2015\Skin Customization Kit\Bin\CreateSkinFile.exe" "C:\<FOLDER_PATH>\NewSlate" "C:\<FOLDER_PATH>\"

...and the replace the original file ( the above InstallShield Skins folder location) with this new skin file you created (...make sure you rename it to Now when you build your installation, it should use the new skin file and the print button should be aligned properly.

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Note that the proposed workaround does not constitute a complete fix.  It causes an additional "InstallShield" text to appear in the lower-left corner of the dialogs.
See Community/forum post:

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