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Support for TLS 1.2

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Hi, I enabled TLS 1.2 in the local Windows server which hosts the SQL database server too. After enabling TLS 1.2 through registry entries and doing the required settings, I am able to connect to the SQL Server securely through client tools like Micr...
by unnic_arcanane Flexera beginner

InstallShield Knowledge

Build Error 6271

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Summary Build error 6271 file hashing with unusually large files that do not have version information Symptoms While building a release, the following error occurs: ** Error: -6271: File \file.exe not found. An error occurred building the MsiFileHash...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

Where do I download my welcome kit from?

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SummaryAt times there may be a requirement to download the welcome kit which information on the maintenance level you have purchasedQuestionWhere do I download my welcome kit from?AnswerThe welcome kit links are available after you have logged into t...
by cingham Pilgrim

Accessing the MSI Database at Run Time

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SummaryThis article provides an overview of accessing and temporarily modifying MSI database tables at run time using custom actionsSynopsisAbstractIn some cases, it can be useful for a running installation to access the tables of the running MSI dat...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera

Build Warning -5031

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SummaryPossible causes of Build Warning -5031SymptomsBuild indicates: ISDEV: warning -5031: The icon for the setup.exe could not be updated. Setup.exe will use the default.CauseThe fully qualified name of the file that contains the icon was not s...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager