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How to Configure a Major Upgrade

How to Configure a Major Upgrade

In this recording, we list the reasons to choose the major upgrade approach for your next product release. We then demonstrate how to configure a major upgrade in InstallShield. 

Video Credit: Ian Pinawin (Senior Technical Support Engineer)

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I have a question. You have changed version in first place I mean 1.00.0000 to 2.00.000 and applied major upgrade steps. If we change in second place I mean after first dot e.g. 1.20.0000 , in this case can we apply major upgrade steps and does it work like uninstall previous version 1.00.0000 completely and install latest version and files?

Hi Madhu_Gaddada,


Yes you can change the second number also to create a major upgrade and it will work, however the best recommended method from Microsoft for creating a major upgrade is to change first number

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