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HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2014 HotFix A

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SummaryThis is InstallAnywhere 2014 HotFix A.SymptomsInstallAnywhere 2014 Public HotFix A addresses the following issues: IOJ-1665180IA2014 Installers fail to launch as root on *nix platforms if not at least 3 directories deepIOJ-1665716IA2014: unin...
by Flexera apahtg Flexera

Issue Running Setup.exe From Root Drive

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SummaryIf setup.exe is executed directly under the root drive it will not start normally. For example using the setup.exe from Installscript MSI projects are not able to install from a USB Thumb Drive.SymptomsIf setup.exe is executed directly under t...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera

Corrupted Text Displayed On Main Views

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SummaryUnexpected and corrupted text displayed on main views only for InstallShield 2018 SP1 version 24.0.463SymptomsInstallShield 2018 Service Pack 1 exhibits unexpected views. For example on the Organization, Application Data, System Configuration ...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera

HOTFIX: CopyFile on Locked File Results in Installation Hanging

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SummaryCopyFile does not return the correct error value when attempting to overwrite an existing locked file. This will provide the wrong value in a condition statement and prevent the custom action from closing resulting in a hanging installation.Sy...
by ctang Pilgrim

Deleting Device Driver Component Leaves Install Condition

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SummaryWhen deleting device driver components, there might be an install condition that restricts whether the install runs on 32bit or 64bit machines.SymptomsThe Install condition, IS_DIFX_DRIVER_OVERRIDE OR Msix64, was created when 64bit was selecte...
by Flexera Ken536 Flexera

Adding Large Number of Files cause InstallShield to Stop Responding

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SummaryWhen attempting to add a large set or folder to the Files and Folder, InstallShield stops responding.SymptomsWhen trying to add large files or a large number of files, InstallShield becomes unresponsive. Even leaving InstallShield time to proc...
by ctang Pilgrim

Suite Language Selection Dialog Renders Extra Lines

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SummaryExtra blank lines are rendered in the InstallationLanguage combo box in InstallShield 2014.SymptomsIn InstallShield 2014, the InstallationLanguage wizard page in a Suite project renders extra white spaces at the bottom of the combo box. Subseq...
by ctang Pilgrim