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Installation of Flexera Agent on Azure VMSS or AKS

All,We have several Azure VMSS and AKS in place and assuming Flexera Agent will assist on tracking the license usage of nodes and instance.  How do you install and apply the agent to a VM scale set or AKS services since the nodes/instance may get sca...

fugwoc by Level 2
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Solved Looking for list of SaaS connectors that Flexera supports

I am new to Software Asset Management and Flexera in general and I have been asked to pull a list of SaaS connectors that Flexera supports. I have tried looking through Technopedia using the User Console but have been unable to filter based on SaaS t...

ashoop by Level 2
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Solved Evidence Type = SaaS (How does it work?)

Go to All EvidenceClick "Create Evidence"Use the drop down in "Type" and you see "SaaS" How exactly does this evidence type = SaaS work? It's not defined anywhere that I can see (

Your opinion about EOS-EOL?

Hi,Has anyone in the community created an internal process as to how one should manage EOL/EOS software applications? I have been tasked with creating and maintaining an end of life software process. If anyone in the community can provide some guidan...

tatexh by Level 2
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Solved Not receiving email with password reset link

Hi ,we are facing an issues and users on FNMS cloud portal are trying to set their password on FlexeraOne using forgot password but they are not receiving emails. Anyone faced similar issues and any resolution for this?Tried the procedure many times ...

winvarma by Level 10
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Solved Unrecognised Evidence

Hi All, What is required to enable Flexera One to include Unrecognised Evidence against listed Licences and Applications? In particular this entry;Ventyx Pty Ltd LinkOne WinView 5.18.2804.01 5.18.2804.0 Ventyx Pty Ltd

R869783 by Level 3
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