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Report: License and maintenance expiry

There is a built in report called "License and maintenance expiry" - but the timeframe for upcoming expiries can only be set to up to max 90 days. Is there any way I can built a report myself where I can choose a longer timeframe - for example a year...

Assigning permissions to users on Flexera One

Hi Guys, Is there any documentation anywhere to explain how to assign users in Flexera One, and the detail on what the permissions allow?For example, if I need to onboard a new user to IT Asset, should I add them to Flexera One and then IT Asset, how...

bmaudlin by Level 9 Champion
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Invitation to Participate in UX Research & Survey

As the Flexera UX team continues to move forward with new ideas and updates to Flexera One, we'd love to get your feedback. Below you'll find a link to a brief “Notifications Survey" that should take only a few minutes. We appreciate your participati...

ltaylor77 by Flexera Alumni
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Install count in IT Visibility data export?

Is the number of installations included in any of the CSV files from the IT Visibility data export?  I've been using power query to pull data out but can't find installation count in either the current or beta exports packs.  Am I missing something o...

How to raise Content Requests through the Support Portal

The KB article for raising content requests indicates "Select ‘Content Requests’ from the ‘Product’ Picklist". Why can I no longer see Content Requests from the dropdown (I previously could)? Is there a new workflow for updating content within Techno...

alcowie by Level 2
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User Scope Restrictions

Hello all,How do user scope restrictions work in Flexera One as compared to FNMS? In FNMS we can scope by cost center, operating unit, location or category. In Flexera One all I can find is creating different billing centers. Is this the right way to...

SaaS Management: Identifying the licenses a user is consuming

I'm struggling finding which licenses a user is consuming.  I have multiple license types for 1 application (ServiceNow). and tried looking at all the tabs in SAAS Manager, and do not see any way that I can associate a user to a specific license.  Pl...

schilnr by Level 5
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