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dashboard alerts

I need help in fxing my dashboard information, I selected Oracle database, in which I am interested to know any security Patches etc but currently I am receiving lot of other stuff related to Oracle (example: Oracle linux update, Oracle Solaris multi...

Solved Moving Microsoft Tenant causes duplicate licenses

Our company was recently acquired by another, and on December 1 our Microsoft Azure Tenant was moved under their tenant. When that happened the O365 connector created duplicate licenses and no entitlements. I removed all licenses and recreated the co...

Solved Optima BillingCenter allocation based on Azure ResourceGroups

Hi Flexera product team,as already requested via Support / Enhancement Request in the past we increasingly see demand for ResourceGroup level access to BillingCenters for larger teams we have in our corporate where internal customers are using platfo...

SKU automation thinks Microsoft E5 SKU is related to IBM SKU

We currently have a Microsoft E3 license that was built by SKU automation via AAA-10756. This license configuration has worked well for us. It's Named User, subscription, and properly formed.We are upgrading to E5 subscriptions; those new purchases a...

ITAM Dashboard - Under purchased cost

Hi there,We have created a corporate license in our system to cover specific unlicensed product until we will get all the past purchases entered in the system from all of our local IT from several subsidiaries, this way we have the ability to track t...

Run4Fun by Level 4
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SaaS License entry

Hello. We currently don't have the SaaS add on module, just Flexera One.  Need some best practices for entering SaaS into Flexera.  I have 2 scenarios. 1. Procurement negotiated a single price for the entire solution (platform, unlimited users for th...

mdh7768 by Level 5
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Log4J Detection by FlexNet Inventory Agent

I understand and appreciate that Flexera is looking into any possible vulnerabilities in its own products from the recent Log4J issue. However, we are getting requests from our Flexera customers to provide data on what devices this vulnerability coul...

Enhancement Request: Flexera/Jamf API CyberArk Password

Currently, we are using a local account to access the Flexera / Jamf API and security may be compromised. We would like to be able to use a managed account (w/ a managed password like CyberArk) with the  Flexera/Jamf API. Is this possible?