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Understand the status of the application when installation returns to '0'

Hi there,

I was hoping someone can help explain what happens to application status - in particular the 'All applications' menu.

We are trying to track new applications coming into the environment = which can be captured as unmanaged status within the installed applications menu.. but  we also need to consider Vice Versa.

Questions.. regarding application status.. what targets a change?

1) What about applications that have been previously installed, which the status has been to say, authorized, then are removed /completely uninstalled.. a few months later they are redeployed in the environment - will they appear back into unmanaged status?

2) I've noticed applications been changed by Flexera from say unmanaged to inactive status.. why or when will an application be changed automatically into 'inactive' status by Flexera?


Many thanks in advance,



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Please allow me to point you towards documentation, specifically Changing the Status of an Application that provides the answer to your second 2) question, i.e. that the status 'Inactive' may be assigned to applications no longer installed in your environment. This would then also (IMO) mean that you would expect to find these back in the 'Unmanaged' status if the same applications start showing up again being installed in your environment (as per your first 1) question...)