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Overlapping evidence

Why is Flexera saying I have overlapping evidence in the top  Possible issues for this application. However in the Installer evidence, it shows there is no overlapping evidence. See attach for screen shot.  Thank you

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Overlapping Evidence means that you have evidence one 2 or more different applications that overlap, not that there is overlapping evidence linked to 1 application.  This typically happens when someone goes into Unrecognized Evidence and manually creates a Local ARL Entry, or manually links that to an existing ARL Entry.  At a later time, Flexera makes an update to the ARL where that Unrecognized Evidence gets added and now it "overlaps" with a manual entry that was previously met.

If you go to All Applications and search for "Slack", you will likely see two separate applications for "Slack version" that show as overlapping evidence.

So as a Best Practice, are you saying that  when I look at All Evidence and if there are 0 matches, I should delete that evidence to ensure there is no overlapping evidence?