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How to create a Purchase order and deduct from that amount with a quote

Hi all, I wonder how I can create a Purchase Order and deduct with a monthly quote from that amount for licenses that are subscriptions based for example.

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I think that you should provide a bit more details, both to the process you have in mind as well as which objects (license subscription, PO, etc.) that you're planning to modify attribute wise. E.g., a couple of redacted screen shots may be beneficial for the forum members to be able to provide better guidance.



For example Adobe has subscription option contract for a year and any extra users must be paid. I would like to create a PO 20k and any purchase would be deducted from that amount with a quote so I can see what is left to use and stay compliant.  Basically, it is a field to display the amount already used or left to be used. Please see attached.


If your Adobe subscription option contract has a construct like outlined in this example and that its compliance status is dependent upon the spend over the year you may also want to track this using SaaS mgt. consumption capabilities (besides tracking the PO records in ITAM against the contract).

I've included a screen shot from an example counting emails per month, but you could use the montly purchases to have a similar construct against the 20k total over the year:


It may assist you in predicting how you're consuming against this total...

For the PO records in ITAM in the Financial tab of the Contract, you may also want to register the 20k as a positive figure and then all the PO's with negative figures to make it easier to report on the remaining amount during the year...

Just some ideas off the top...