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Limit on File download history data

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The File "View Downloads" page renders 1800 days - that is 5 years worth of data in the UI and the Accounts "View Downloads" page has 180 days worth of data. This value is not configurable. There is also limit on how many rows the user can download. ...
by Revenera SPraveen Revenera

How much ESD storage used

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Execute the following steps to find how much ESD storage used for the FNO tenant(Customer) from the activation date to the current date. For ALM -> Go to Reporter --> Product Setup - Universe --> Select the fields [Partner Code, Partner Name, Partne...
by Revenera mrathinam Revenera

Transfer Order after splitting some off, to same target account

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Overview of Transfer Split functionality in LLM can found in this article . Property to be set for the below mentioned scenario 1: i)TransferSplitEnabled = Trueii)TransferSplitEnabled.TransferOrderActivationCodeToTarget = false 1)Entitlement Det...
by Revenera ythingalaya Revenera

Flexera's Download Manager

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Question: How does it work? Answer: Flexera's Download Manager does not use either ActiveX control or Flash. The Download Manger checks the Origin HTTP header and validates the security of the download URLs using JSON Web Token Authenticati...
by Moderator akline Moderator