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Split partial and assign to host

Split partial and assign to host

Overview of Transfer Split functionality in LLM can found in this article .


TransferSplitEnabled = true

TransferSplitEnabled.TransferOrderActivationCodeToTarget = true


1)Create Order for Account1




2)View allocation



3)Split some to Account 2



4) create server for Account 1 and allocate some qty on that server, don't generate (now the available count will be set in the cert from account-1)



5)License is not generated, the available count is deducted from the total count that is being assigned to the Add-on:



6)Move the quantity back from Account 2 to Account1.

Hence the Activation code of Account 2 is on Account 1 after the transfer.



7)The Addon-s have to be re-mapped on the Server, as the Activation ID present previously is not associated to any entitlement after the transfer:Picture7.png

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