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More information on Download Package Availability attribute

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In Producer Portal, the attribute Download Package Availability is determined by the Effective Date defined for the download package. - If the effective date is within the current date, for example, today's date and any date in the past, then the do...
by Flexera SPraveen Flexera

Soap API to differentiate between CERTIFICATE and TRUSTED Storage license

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GetFulfillmentsQueryRequest/GetFulfillmentPropertiesRequest takes in EntitlementID and returns any FNP licenses on the fulfillmentThe fulfillmentType parameter in the response can be used to differentiate between CERTIFICATE and TRUSTED STORAGE lic...
by Flexera jyadav Flexera

FlexNet Operations Release Schedule Archive

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This article lists the current year's past releases for FlexNet Operations Cloud. For upcoming releases, please see the Software Monetization Release Schedule. NOTE: This requires you to log into the community as a Revenera customer. 2020 Releases ...
by Revenera Community Admin cvirata Revenera Community Admin

Unable to create connection to mail server from FlexNet Operations

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Symptoms: After configuring the "Outbound Mail Server Host" and selecting "Outbound Mail Security" as "None" in FlexNet Operations under system-->configure-->FlexNet Platform Server, while testing it by using "Save config and Test Mail Server" but...
by Flexera dekumar Flexera

Login to End User Portal gives "Error Occurred" Return to login

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Symptoms: As soon as we enter the URL of End User portal in the browser to open it, we get "Error Occurred" Return to log in as per below snapshot: Diagnosis: In the FlexNet log, below Exception will be written which points issue related to the ...
by Flexera dekumar Flexera

Limit on File download history data

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The File "View Downloads" page renders 1800 days - that is 5 years worth of data in the UI and the Accounts "View Downloads" page has 180 days worth of data. This value is not configurable. There is also limit on how many rows the user can download. ...
by Flexera SPraveen Flexera

How much ESD storage used

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Execute the following steps to find how much ESD storage used for the FNO tenant(Customer) from the activation date to the current date. For ALM -> Go to Reporter --> Product Setup - Universe --> Select the fields [Partner Code, Partner Name, Partne...
by Flexera mrathinam Flexera

Transfer Order after splitting some off, to same target account

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Overview of Transfer Split functionality in LLM can found in this article . Property to be set for the below mentioned scenario 1: i)TransferSplitEnabled = Trueii)TransferSplitEnabled.TransferOrderActivationCodeToTarget = false 1)Entitlement Det...
by Flexera ythingalaya Flexera
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