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Converter Template

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Transaction files support two formats: xml and unicode text file.In order to upload a transaction using a Unicode text file, FlexNet Operations provides Convert Templates functionality. You can download the converter template under Administer menu i...
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Update Notification email is stuck with a queued status

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Question: Update Notification email is stuck with a queued status and never sends? Answer: The emails may have been caught in a restart or time out. The solution is to: - View the email in the Producer Portal - Try refreshing the generating dist...
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Flexera's Download Manager

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Question: How does it work? Answer: Flexera's Download Manager does not use either ActiveX control or Flash. The Download Manger checks the Origin HTTP header and validates the security of the download URLs using JSON Web Token Authenticati...
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Providing Support Organization Redirects for End Users

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This article is directed to new FlexNet Operations LLM producers and any current LLM producers who have not yet customized End User Portal content to reference their own support organization’s contact information. Flexera strongly recommends that pr...
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