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Inventory not consuming license

Hi all,  Our recent local audit activity found that a lot of Azure Inventories are not consuming Windows Server License.  License assessment said "No consumption calculated, possibly because processor, core, or thread counts are missing from device i...

onazlie by Level 4
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SCCM File Evidence

Currently we are getting file evidence from SCCM for .exe data.  If we were to turn on file evidence from SCCM to find a specific file will that then come over via the SCCM import into FNM, or are there only certain file types that FNM imports from S...

Enter POC in FNMS

Hi Team, Do you have any document which shows best practices to enter proof of concept in FNMS Contract section, or if you can suggest any good way to enter POC in FNMS Thank You Loveneesh Saxena

lsaxena by Level 4
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Cognos Row limit in flexnet Manager

On prem solution: executing a sql query in Cognos for a report.  Got an error: The number of rows retrieved for the user who has the identity '{, , Everyone, All Authenticated Users}' exceeds the limit of 5000.I reviewed my cognos configuration on th...

Inventory without an asset

Are there any known concerns/issues with having inventory devices that are not assigned to a hardware asset?   The inventory devices will still consume entitlements, correct?

allocations/unallocations script

Hi Team We are manually allocating/unallocating lots of Atlassian licenses and other products in FNMS, by using  "Apply allocations and exemptions" (to exempt in bulk) and Business adapter (to allocate in bulk). As an example: Whenever we get a weekl...

ImIronMan by Level 6 Flexeran
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SCCM Reader - GetDeletedComputerList

Hi, I recently did some customizing on the SCCM reader when I noticed the current versions doing more or less this: EXEC ('SELECT \ known.MachineID \ FROM #RelevantComputer AS known \ WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM Computer_System_Data AS c WHERE...

mfranz by Level 17 Champion
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Solved Duplicate but only in one sccm table

Hi Everyone, I have a problem/question I hope to get some answers here. Found a duplicate in the All Inventory UI: Deleting the later 2 devices does not help- they come back after reconciliation. So I went to Compliance db and looked for the device n...

2022-05-25 16_45_44-.png ImportedComputers lookup.png sccm ids lookup.png