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Solved FNMS Agnet Remote Deployment

Is it possible to develop deployment tool for FNMS agent remote deployment from Beacon or App Server with system privileges  ? 

Server or Desktop detail for license consumption

I am trying to create a Cognos report that shows me my license consumption separated by Desktop and Servers. I have a report that goes to the publisher and application level, but how do I separate these so that I can see all my servers ONLY, OR all m...

Solved Local Application vs. Flexera ARL

We created a Local Application for a new release of commercial software. What happens if Flexera creates the same software and it downloads to our ARL database? Will they merge if they have the same evidence recognition? what should I expect to see ...

Solved Business Adapter - Cost center update

Hello Community,I am building a Business Adapter, that would update cost center value of Purchase order line, based on provided .xlsx file.Source of data is a spreadsheet with PO number, Name, Description and said new cost center.I had some success w...

JanPie by Level 6
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Solved Evidence processing behavior (wildcards)

Hi, I need some clarification on evidence processing behavior in FNMS. If evidence record with wildcards exists in the system, how evidence, matching one with wildcards, is handled in the system? In our tool I can see examples where we have two evide...

marius by Level 6
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Solved Microsoft Server/Management Core License type clarity

This is regarding Microsoft Server/Management Core license type to manage windows server licenses. Scenario: We have a server having 4 Processor Each having 8 cores so effectively 32 cores in total. To license this server in windows server applicatio...

Solved FNMS Users (with accounts) unable to login

Hello All,A number of our Users that are set up with accounts in FNMS are unable to login to the tool due to the system identifying their credentials as incorrect even though they're correct.We're receiving inventory from all associated AD's, and FNM...

Reconcile Pending for past 5 days

Hi Team,The reconciliation which started on 25th of May is still not completed and gave error summary as  "This task is marked as ‘Timed out’ because it did not complete in the expected time" while status shows "Pending".However I can see the service...

ImIronMan by Level 6 Flexeran
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