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Audit logs for user creation

From a security perspective, we would like to see Audit logs for user creation. i.e. who created a user, when was it created, what all times did a user login, and what all operations a user has performed.  Can we see this somewhere.  Please help.

Solved Logs documentation

Is there a document that explains what each log is for? or several documents for each component , I am looking to understand where to look for different kind of issues.

Cost Center Filtering (Flexera Analytics)

Hello,Has anyone been successful on creating a dashboard that shows parts of your organization that are consumers of specific publishers? For example:Within the Management Dashboard > Publisher Summary, there is a Enterprise filter that will allow yo...

davidle by Level 7
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Solved Problems Discovering New Software

I have POs but no application to link it to. Not sure where I can find the source of how to discover our new software installs. Any insight? 

maryle by Level 5
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Solved Vcenter scanning

When creating a service account to add to the Vcenter do we know what level of access is required and what directories should be allowed the access to gather VM inventory. Any documentation you have would be great.

Reporting file evidence including file path

Hi,I would like to get a report out of FNMS which shows every device with a specific executable file installed. The report will also need to include the file path.Is this possible now that file path field was added in the 2019 R2 update?Thanks

Solved Inventory of Microsoft Store Applications in FNMS

Hi Everyone,Could anyone offer any help to our question?We are trying to inventory Windows Store application with FNMS and would like to know if anything that needs to be configured or whether the application information should arrive into FNMS as no...

FlexNet manager suite false positives

Good afternoonI am currently experiencing a problem of false positives, and I am not sure what is causing the issue. When we scan/discover servers in our network, it generated a list of servers, and the software installed on them. Upon inspection of ...