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Solved 2019 R2 - Oracle Server Worksheet for Oracle Database

Hello,We recently upgraded our DEV and BETA environments from 2018 R2 to 2019 R2.Now when we run the Oracle Server Worksheet for Oracle Database it is showing up empty. I'm not 100% sure our DEV/BETA environments had data in them before we did the up...

Messaging capabilities FNMS 2019 R1

Hello, I'm trying to find out if FNMS has a capability of sending a message based on trigger in FNMS. For example we would like to use the review date of a contract as a trigger to send some kind of message to another system in order to start a workf...

Flexnet Manager Suite | Integration with App Broker

Hi Community,I wanted to know how to go about retrieving the said information to integrate fnms cloud to app broker. To integrate AppPortal and Flexnet, I need the following. Can you provide these please? FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud Access TokenFlexe...

Cloaky by Level 7
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Deleting Contract Responsibilities

Is there a quick way to delete the Responsibilities relating to a particular contract or contracts using the adapter update spreadsheet?  It looks like if a Responsibility (like  Point of Contact) is left blank, it does not overwrite the current Resp...

HTTP 401 error from Beacon to App Server

We started getting a HTTP401 error from one of the Beacons to the App Server. We have other beacons that are not doing this and this particular beacon was working fine for months before this started happening. Any ideas? Thank you

rclark0 by Level 6
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Solved Remove FlexNet Inventory Agent 2019 R2

Hi, we've recently implemented FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R2 and deployed the FlexNet Inventory Agent 2019 R2 on our MAC and Windows devices. When we perform a Deinstallation it takes up to 12 minutes and we wonder if this is normal, or if there's so...

oqueck by Level 6 Flexeran
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Business adapters Hung

Hello Flexera Community,It seems like the business adapters have entered into a hung state and show 'in progress'.Can you suggest any pointers to help troubleshoot this and bring back normal status? Thank youAbhilash M

Cloaky by Level 7
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Solved Unable to select license key from list to assign to user

Hello,When I try to assign a license key from the list of keys we have, I click on the right key and it takes me to the bottom of the list of keys. It does not associate that particular with the user. Sometimes rarely this works on first try, but I h...