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How to identify real unrecognized evidence

By Anonymous
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Most of the entries in the unrecognized evidence page are actually getting recognized via a wild card match to a Flexera ARL record (see attached screenshot). However there's no way to easily distinguish these records from the ones that are not assigned to an application or not matched to an ARL entry. Because of this our team has been making a lot of unnecessary evidence assignments.

Is there an existing bug or enhancement request for this? If so is there an ETA? 



(2) Replies

Peter:  In the example that you highlighted, the two items do not match.  In the ARL pattern, there is a leading string of "/%/" in front of the file name.  This means that it will match on anything where there are folder names in front of the ISO Tag File Name that starts with the word IBM.

For the local entry that is not recognized, there is no path name in front of the ISO Tag Name.  It simply starts with the work "IBM" and there is no file path in the front therefore does not match the pattern of "/%/IBM"


Hi @kclausen ,

I should have highlighted the first entry in the screenshot. The match counts will show that the first and third entries are identical, yet one is marked as being from the ARL and the other is unrecognized and unassigned. I was informed yesterday that this is a known issue.