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PO upload from WebUI Timeout

Hi Forum Good day,

Users were trying to upload PO data using .xlsx from one off upload and the file is showing as uploaded with in seconds but then the importing purchases getting time out and Processing the PO entitlements is not taking place because of this. 

Did observe that the file being uploaded on to the Batch server and not sure where the error logs were available related to this and the couldn't find any.  users might be using MSoffice 2016 version and an onprem setup.

Is it that in onprem setup if there were any issues in the data being uploaded the tool doesn't give any errors and just timeout the task? i did see some issues in the data being uploaded like date format, purchase type were not as suggested and in a cloud version we do see the suggestions from the tool if the data in the columns is not as per the standards.

Appreciate your thoughts and sharing experience on this issue.




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do you know how long it took to time out?
If processing did start, you should see log on the batch server under C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging\BatchDataImport

hi @AamerSharif ,

Thanks for the reply and its taking more than 24-48hours(appx.) before time out occurs. I verified the path suggested and there is no businessimporter folder and able to view the folder path till c:\programdata\flexera..\compliance\logging  and then able to find only BatchDataImport, BaselineImport,etc.,




24-48 hours does not look right, to me sounds like task is timed out by the system after waiting for long time. worth checking batch processor and uploaded data location.

Yes exact path is C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging\BatchDataImport

See if you can find log for On-off PO upload if not, check if uploaded PO data is present under C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\FlexNet Manager Platform\DataImport (location where data is uploaded before getting processed by batch processor) on the batch server.

If not is it possible you have multi box installation (Batch and WebUI on separate servers and package is not getting uploaded to batch server, WebUI server usually have registry key DataImportDirectory points to shared location on the batch server only if multibox is in use).


 Hi @AamerSharif ,

As suggested checked and the data user is trying to upload is showing in the FlexNetManagerPlatform\Dataimport folder and there is no log file available in the BatchDataimport folder in Logging.

We have separate Batch and webserver and able to access Dataimport share path from the web server.