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Hi All, Just looking for some advice re suites and bundles in Flexera and how other organisations deal with these. We obviously use software from larger suppliers such as IBM and Oracle etc but when we have products for smaller suppliers are these st...

Solved Dashboard Overspend

Dear Community, What is the best way to identify problematic license that is calculating a huge overspend value. What is your best practice to make good use of this feature?  Appreciate your support.Victor

Upgrading from 2017 R3 to 2019 R2

We are planning to upgrade our FlexNet manager OnPrem from 2017 R3 and 2019 R2. We have read through the documentation for all the known issues and the prerequisites. I just thought we might get more feedback on this forum.  Are there any issues that...

Solved Tanium Connector SVC Account Minimum Rights

During our implementation testing of Tanium Connector we did not see anywhere where the minimum rights to the Tanium UI were documented. Is this documented anywhere official? I see something that says you need an account with Admin rights to the UI b...

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved IP / Port Scan

What is the best practice for conducting an IP / port scan using FNMS for Oracle software?Specifically, how may I set up FNMS to replicate what Oracle would otherwise execute via its "LMS Discovery Tool" that looks for where Oracle might be running b...

Solved Business Adapter to Link Asset's with User's

I am trying to create a Business Adapter to link Assets with User's.Reason:We have Mac's in our environment and when they are scanned there is no calculated user (therefore user-based licenses are not calculating as desired).Objective:Have a business...

Solved What triggers Beacon to download packages

Hello,  I noticed that in my environment FNMS2019R2. Most of my beacons are not downloading Agent packages (upgrade and adoption) When I check the packageretriever log for downloads it shows it is not trying to download the available files. So there ...

Ronny_OO7 by Level 8 Champion
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RAM Licensing - MongoDB

Dear Community,  Im trying to license my MongoDB database, the licensing model is not supported by Flexera which leaves a lot to desire. Without using allocation, have you try to license any product by RAM memory? My licensing is like a Core licensin...

Oracle Entitlement Records based on CSI data

What is the best practice for using CSI data at line item detail to load and maintain Oracle entitlements in FNMS?I find that CSI data is the most readily-available and complete record of Oracle entitlement.Conversely, original license orders (someti...