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Oracle Options

We recently deployed the Oracle PURL.  I was expecting to see consumption for many of the Oracle options which is not happening.  I  have seen a few articles that indicate we should be seeing a last used date which would be helpful as well.  I'm not finding anything specific as to why consumption is not showing.  Absolutely no options are showing consumption and we use them.

Is there something during the actual setup/implementation of the PURL that needed to be selected in order to see consumption for these options?



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By Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

Hi Shelby,

Is the Agent deployed to all Oracle database servers? Do you actually have DB inventory data in FNMS? Maybe check the "Oracle Instances" view.

Best regards,


When I check "Oracle Instances" I get nothing returned so I'm assuming something is not set correctly.  


I would advise checking the tracker.log on your Oracle server(s), to ensure that the instances are being picked up by the agent. Default directories for this log are below:

Windows: C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft
Unix: /var/opt/managesoft/log

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Our internal engineer is working on this.  Something in the background is not updating.  FNMS for some reason isn't "seeing" the update we made to our license.  Odd that Flexera cannot correct this quickly.

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion


Oracle database inventory scripts resides within InventorySettings.xml. This is usually distributed automatically if you are using the full agent installation, but if running the scanners (light agents) then you need to distribute the mentioned XML file as well.

If running inventory on Linux servers you need to ensure access rights as DBA. In the manual and in this forum there are information also to run with a limited user account. If deployed on Windows the agent often run as local admin and you should be fine.