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Solved ESX Query tool working and vCenter Discovery & Inventory not

Hi, we've implemented FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R2 and are wondering, why importing all VMware vCenter hosts is working fine when using the Flexera ESX Query tool, but when we want to achieve the same with our Discovery & Inventory rule no vCenters ...

oqueck by Level 6 Flexeran
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Purchase order upload

Hi Team,Is there a way to extract the Purchase order file which has been done using Data Inputs -  One-off upload?It can be extracted from backend or any other source? 

Bug/Issue lookup

Is there a way to lookup a bug or issue and see the exact details of the problem? A newer release of FNM includes a resolved issue and I'm curious to know the details behind the problem.

One-Off upload for Contracts

Hello,I have bulk contracts that needs to be updated in FNMS, is their any way to upload them via One-Off upload like PO Template?Thank youLoveneesh Saxena

lsaxena by Level 4
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Oracle DB Inventory through Inventory rule

Dear Community,I have set up a discovery and inventory rule to scan Exadata Oracle databases. When I executed it, it says "Discovery shows that this device is a Windows or a UNIX device but the rule 'Exadata Machines' does not allow for inventory gat...

sanbeam by Level 5
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Import Inventory files going in to BadLogs

Some machines are not find in WebUI. When import manually then it gives error and NDI files goes into BadLogs\invalidformat.We have on-prem 2019 R2. Below is the manually import result.PS G:\ProgramFiles\Flexera Software\FlexNet Manager Platform\Impo...

FlexNet inventory agent ID question

Flexera's Gathering Inventory documents 2019 R2 and 2020 R1 now state:All device inventory gathered through the FlexNet inventory agent is identified in either of the following ways depending on the version of the FlexNet inventory agent being used:•...

Solved Oracle LMS evidence archive user permissions access

Hey Guys,Could anyone point me to the correct permissions that should be given to users to access the please.The page does state for authorised operators to download, however I'm not sure what the correct setting is. The LMS archive can be found belo...

bmaudlin by Level 9 Champion
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Computers with Bitlocker turned on

Hi,I am hoping someone can help me with Flexera reporting. I would like to know which Computers have Bitlocker turned on and which ones don't. I have reports from other systems but i would like to know if Flexera can help. Thank you