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Moving from Multi-Tenant to Single-Tenant FNMS

Hi Everyone,

We currently have a multi-tenanted FNMS environment that we want to split into two. One will remain a multi-tenant solution and the other will be a single-tenant implementation. This environment has been up for quite a while so we prefer to not lose any of the historical data on the DB. Has anybody done something similar before? If yes, can you please share your experiences? 

thanks all!

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I have not heard of anybody developing a process to extract data from a multi-tenant database into a single tenant database, but would also be interested to hear of any experiences looking at that. It sounds like something that would be difficult.

One option here may be to simply duplicate the current database and have two copies of it - one copy you use with the FlexNet Manager Suite application server that is set up for the first tenant (and the second tenant's aging data simply sits in the database unused), and the other copy you use for the second tenant (with the first tenant's aging data sitting in the database unused). It isn't particularly clean or pretty, but would be effective.

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Thanks Chris, 

That exactly is one of the scenarios that we were playing with if there isn't a particular set of queries or instructions that exists to carry out this task. One question I have though is how will the new single tenant environment take the data as the multi-tenanted data has Tenant IDs already assigned to each of them. I assume when you stand up a single tenant environment, it takes a default of TenantID = 1 (?). Is there a particular command that we can run on the DB to set the single tenant environment to a specific TenantID? 

@michael_larin - The issue is that there is no method to extract data out of one FlexNet Database and import it into a completely separate database.  There are also no known database scripts (that I am aware of) that would convert a multi-tenant database into a single tenant database.

If your intent is to have each customer's data in a separate database, then the option that was suggested by Chris would be simply to clone your existing multi-tenant database.  You would now have 2 separate multi-tenant databases, but each database would only be used by 1 customer.