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Flexera 2020 R1 upgrade

While upgrading 202 R1 from 2019 R2 , getting the below error.

There was an error while attempting to run 'schemacheck.sql'.
        Returned row count 5 does not equal expected row count 0
        Stack Trace
           at ManageSoft.Database.Update.FileStep.ExecuteReader(SqlConnection p_SqlConnection)
    File steps for Check migrated schema against expected failed
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It looks like migration went through but schema integrity_check reported few anomalies. This usually happens when user try to customise the scheme in the past (e.g. added constraint and disabled constraint etc).
I would suggest to check the database migration log file for that database migration and check the reported unexpected schema change, worth attaching log file OR reaching out to Flexera support for more assistance.

This likely means that someone has customized your FlexNet Manager Compliance database.  The error indicates that there is a database table that should have 0 rows, but 5 rows are found.

If you manually run the "schemacheck.sql" script with SQL Server Management Studio, you may be able to narrow down the data condition causing the error.


It sounds like there could be objects in the database that are not the default schema (dbo).

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Thanks for the recommendation, to run the check script manually . I got this in the log file:
Running 'ComplianceSchema_schemacheck.sql'.
Returned row: MigrationErrors:

There was an error while attempting to run 'ComplianceSchema_schemacheck.sql'.
Returned row count 1 does not equal expected row count 0
Stack Trace
at ManageSoft.Database.Update.FileStep.ExecuteReader(SqlConnection p_SqlConnection)

You see the error message was empty --> Returned row: MigrationErrors:
The reason was the result of one query was NULL. So, the check script was very helpful.

FNMSInventory  -> Running 'schemacheck.sql'
FNMSCompliance -> Running 'ComplianceSchema_schemacheck.sql'
FNMSDataWarehouse -> Running 'DataWarehouseSchema_schemacheck.sql'

Kind regards