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Solved OVM Hardpartitioning Oracle - not working

Hi,In our current deploy FNMS 2019R2 , we have several products with OVM . These is an Oracle authorized virtualization Technology order to license oracle products with hard-partitioning.But in our installation, the behaviour of the products in OVM i...

Citrix Hypervisor (Formerly called XenServer)

My question is about Citrix Hypervisor (not Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop), as I have a customer that is trying to get VM guest to Citrix host mapping information into FNMS. Is there a automated way to do this other than doing it through a spreadsheet upl...

Solved EOL/EOS reports

Is there a way to pull a report from FNMS that shows EOL or EOS for applications if it is populated?  I could not find those fields when creating a new report.If not, can someone provide the SQL statement that would be needed to pull it from the actu...

Seperate FNMS server roles 100k devices

Good day,I am planning a new implementation with 100k devces.According the installation guide you should seperate the inventory server from 50K FNMS devices. Because of this I have a few questions:1 : How do you configure the beacon data to point to ...

Ronny_OO7 by Level 8 Champion
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FMNS SAAS vs on premisse remaining client run workload ?

Hello we are under study for moving FNMS from on premisse to Saas. It is possible to share information about remaining run workload for the clients ? Of course, I do not consider SAM or agents/beacon workload, but central technical tasks (if any), UA...

bfaller by Level 7
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Solved Populate Inventory Target through automation

We need to run zero-touch inventory on our Citrix VDI parents and unique VDIs to support proper Citrix inventory and license entitlement mappings.See:How-to-Inventory-Citrix-XenDesktop-and-XenApp-using-FlexNet The problem is specifying inventory targ...

dsalter by Level 6
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