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Solved Bulk updates of asset records

Hi all. Does Flexera (FlexNet in particular) offer a tool to do bulk updates to asset records that can be used by a hardware administrator? For example, the HP Asset Manager application comes with an app called Connect-It, which can use a spreadshe...

FNMS API documentation

Does FNMS have an exposed API that can be used to call from other non-Flexera applications? If so, where is the documentation? I haven't been able to find it yet.Thanks,Jason

Solved Best Practices for Managing SW Add-on Modules in FNMS

Hi all,My organization has purchased software titles and subscriptions where we purchased the primary product of a particular software and then also bought a bunch of extra add-on modules to enhance the functionality of the base product.My question i...

Solved Cisco Smart Licensing (SAM Solution)

FlexNet Manager Suite is currently our Licensing standard. We will have to use Cisco Smart Licesning to manage new infrastructure to generate VMs (-services) ( ) L...

Steffen by Level 6
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SCCM users conflict with Active Directory Users

Hello Dear Community,We have implemented Active directory integration with Flexera cloud for user information. However, we noticed that our SCCM integration (User.xml) has also brought in user accounts which are domain accounts, secondary accounts th...

Cloaky by Level 7
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Flexnet agent inventory

I'm trying to find some documentation on what information Flexnet Agent adds / updates for inventory devices.  We had someone manually add evidence and was wondering if the agents or ServiceNow connection would update the evidence once it was install...

schilnr by Level 5
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ARL updates for Microsoft 365 Suite

I am in the middle of processing POs from the Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft. I do not see any bundles for M365 or the Apps that are now part of that suite of applications. Are there any plans to update the ARL on FNMS US Cloud version? If so, w...

DrkNyte by Level 3
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Solved DB upgrade failed

We are encountering an error while upgrading the database from 2020 R1 to 2020 R2. Error message : there was an error while attempting to run cm-migr1600-migpost.sql However, we have successfully upgraded the Inventory and warehouse database and faci...

Agent Discovery and Inventory from Virtual Appliances

Hi there,I'm not seeing two VAPs in our inventory that have confirmed IBM software installations and am unsure if the agent is not installed, or the agent cannot discover these device types.Can the Flexnet Inventory agent discover and inventory virtu...