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How to push Asset Data from ServiceNow to Flexera (version 5.0.316)?

Hi all, 

I'm having trouble tracking down the XML file data being exported from ServiceNow to Flexera. 

Integration Properties: defined the mid-server path, including the optional exporting file path.  See uploaded image. 

Export Runs:  creased the export row data limit, and stage/stage has the correct status.  

*** However, under the "queues" I am showing 'Output' state 'Processed' and 'Input' state 'error' - Is this normal? 

I am new to integration, but the documentation seems pretty straight forward.   So, I was expecting to see the XML file in the mid-server, but not showing anything.  

Based on reading this could be caused for multiple reasons, but i am asking if anyone had the same experience and could tell me how to find where the problem is coming.  

Completely lost, please share any information which might be helpful. 

Kindly thank you.  




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Do you have any details about the error, any logs, etc?

Please also feel free to open a support case to get assistance in troubleshooting your specific issue (if you haven't already...)


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