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Agent deployment via Microsoft Intune

Hi,  Has anyone deployed FNMS agents via Intune for Windows Systems ? I have following queries 1. What all agent files are to be packaged ?       1. mgsetup.ini       2. Flexera Inventory Agent.msi       3.       4. ManageSoft upgrade agent...

Bulk removing Responsibilities

Is there anyway to bulk remove a particular Responsibility (maybe using the Contract adaptor or other).  I know if i need to change the Point of Contact for a particular Contract i can go into the Responsibilities tab and manually remove one name and...

Solved IATrack Latest Version

Hi , We are undergoing an upgrade from FNMS 2018 R2 to FNMS 2020 R1, I would like to what is the latest version of IATrack that we should be using.Secondly, from where can I download the latest IATrack file.-Maansee

IBM PVU Beacon issue

We are currently running in to issues with our beacons on our on-premise version of FNMS 2019R2 and have recent have upgraded to 2020R2. We have recently enabled IBM PVU discovery every 30 minutes. When we started the PVU scans our jobs started faili...

Solved Custom columns (not custom properties) in FNMS

Way back in FNMP days I remember creating custom columns against assets and inventory records. Is this possible in FNMS?What I would like is the ability to create a column where the value is calculated, not stored in the database.As a very simple exa...

jasonlu by Level 7 Champion
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Product Use Rights - Changing?

What would cause product use rights to change?  I'm referring specifically to "exemptions".  I notice for some odd reason (and has nothing to do with Recommended License Changes), my exemptions for Device Role reverts back to default.  I may for exam...

Solved IBM Current Consumption

I've noticed for IBM "All Licenses" view the "current consumption" is showing the PEAK consumption number and I have to click into each license to view the actual current consumption.  Why did this change?   


What are the pre requisites for a Flexnet agent to be installed on a server ?What are the requirements of a machine for flexnet to run successfully to get the inventory on the servers.