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IBM Pvu licensing assigning wrong product

We have a product that has a production and non-production version.   Last quarter  we allocated the machines to the correct licenses and reporting worked fine.  This month all the licenses went to non-production even though the machines are unallocated to those licenses and are allocated to the production licenses.  So my production report now shows zero consumption.  How do we fix this?  Any ideas?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

One thing to check would be to ensure that the particular application that is currently being recognized as installed on these devices is assigned to the production license.

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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Hello @chanmarsh890 ,

As Chris says, it could be for instance that the devices have been upgraded, the production license has no upgrade rights and the non-production does... the installations can no longer be covered by the production license, even if their are allocated... so, they are covered by non production.

I wanted to add this: are you aware of the new "Intelligent Restriction" introduced in December 2022? You can now restrict a license to a "device group" or a "user group"... super practical for prod / non-prod, Server / Destop etc. More information on the folliwong SAM Best Practice Webinars: 

You can find all recording for these webinar in the SAM Best Practice Hub

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