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Package Publishing Error - Return Code: -2146232060

Package Publishing Error - Return Code: -2146232060


While attempting publishing of a Software Vulnerability Manager security patch to your deployment server, The package publishing process consumes an excessive amount of time, fails, and returns an error Code: -2146232060. 


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This is a timeout issue that usually happens when the WSUS is terribly busy downloading Windows Updates and/or when lots of clients are querying the WSUS for available updates. You might have hit a very wrong moment to publish a package e.g. while WSUS is running scheduled full synchronization. 


The best option is to wait until resources become available on WSUS and try again. Otherwise, if a restart of WSUS service or the server itself is possible, then restart the Windows Update Service on the WSUS server. Sometimes it also helps to clean up the WSUS using the WSUS Cleanup Wizard to remove old, expired and superseded updates.

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